Image: Bold Colour #2

May 27, 2018

Our Wild Life

May 27, 2018

Perhaps because we feed them during the winter, our patio garden is often filled in the summer with lots of small birds, crows, squirrels and the like. We very much enjoy their company.

The other day, the Everloving did some spring planting. In one round pot she placed a heliotrope in the middle and surrounded it with quite a few beautiful trailing lobelia. It was perhaps her favourite this so far this year.  Yesterday, we awoke to find that all the lobelia flowers had been chewed off, every one.  This morning, even the stems have gone!

Heliotrope sans lobelia

A few Google searches convince me that it is the mice that are doing it.  They probably climb over our garden wall and see what’s there for the taking.  Damn pirates!  This is taking our welcoming spirit a bit too far!