Night Music: Never Loved A Man Like I Love You

May 10, 2018


Stone Soup Festival 2018

May 10, 2018

The Crows Having Fun

May 10, 2018

Every day we put out birdseed and peanuts, and we get lots of avian visitors. We also use a stainless steel dog dish to give them water. This was particularly welcome in the winter. These days, some of our regular crows are making use of it in a new way.

A few days ago, during the hot weather, we noticed that one of the crows was picking up peanuts and dunking them in the water. He’d leave them there for a few seconds, then pick it out and fly away with his prize. A day or so later, he brought a pal along and showed him (or her) the same trick.¬†¬†Yesterday, he or they started arriving with food gathered from elsewhere which they again soak in the water before flying off.

I’m so glad we can be of service to them!