The New Nicks Is A’Coming

When Nick’s Spaghetti House closed after 62 years in business at 631 Commercial, there was already talk of another restaurant moving into the space.  Now, that talk has become concrete action.

The old restaurant is being refurbished and will open as Pepino’s Spaghetti House, owned and operated by the chefs and management team who have been so successful with their Savio Volpe osteria at Fraser & Kingsway.  Much of the ambience of Nick’s is being kept, according to a story in Scout Magazine, including the old murals.

Image: Scout Magazine

There is hope the new restaurant will open in June.

The convenience store that used to be next door to Nick’s has also been taken over by the same group. After a complete refit it will reopen as Caffe La Tana, a traditional food store and cafe.

That northern part of Commercial Drive is home to a wide range of less expensive houses and small relatively affordable apartment blocks. It seems to me that Pepino’s and La Tana are probably looking for a more exclusive clientele which they hope to find once that stretch of the neighbourhood is thoroughly gentrified. In the meanwhile, their marketing will aim, I am sure, for the destination crowd.


2 Responses to The New Nicks Is A’Coming

  1. Ferry seagull says:

    Volpe on Kingsway is a major gentrification resto.
    Perhaps the many First Nations apartments will stop some gentrification.
    The worse gentrification offender is the Heather Redfern’s (New) York Theatre next door to Nick’s.

    • jakking says:

      Yes, the developer was given so much density bonus (for a completely faux heritage outrage) that it actually chocked up the density bank for a long time. She tried the same trick with the Green House on Venables but we managed to stop that and the result is far superior (see

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