The Future of Britannia: Open House

The next in a long series of Open Houses regarding the future of the Britannia Community site takes places this Saturday, 14th April, between noon and 4pm in Gym D.

This is an important meeting as it will coincide with the public release of the draft Master Plan for this most vital part of our community, which currently includes two schools, a library, several gyms, a swimming pool, an ice rink, a seniors’ centre, offices, and green space.

If you attended the last Open House about a month or so ago, you may recall that three different concepts were presented for the future of the site. The consultants have apparently taken the public comments from that display and will be presenting a single concept design.

Withe the publication of the Master Plan we are moving quickly to the end of this phase of the re-development. Several major issues — what kind, if any, of housing should be on the site, whether there should be one or two ice rinks, for example — still have to be ironed out, but these will be settled soon, and the project will move on next to rezoning and final consultations with the City, the School Board, Parks Board, and Library Board.

It is hard to express just how important Britannia is to the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood and I urge you to take a few minutes on Saturday afternoon to review these plans and make sure your views are known.

One Response to The Future of Britannia: Open House

  1. labenge2013 says:

    D., J., Having just returned from a visit to the Britannia Open House (which, by the way, was closing up at 3:40!!), I must ask whether the issue of social housing on site has been settled or not? The presentation certainly showed that it was, including ‘2-300’ social housing units on site. I was surprised at that, as Jennifer(from the City) was telling a group that this was a ‘Council mandated decision’, which would include the above mentioned number of units. What is the status of housing inclusion?

    Also, must say whomever is designing this whole project should look at the original planning of this centre for some guidelines. While it is a bit of a schmozzle now, I think the original was attempting to design with a village-like concept. I don’t think much of the urban design of the changes. My thoughts. L.

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