Closing First Avenue

Fortis BC have announced that First Avenue will be closed entirely between Clark Drive and Nanaimo Street for most of the summer for the laying of new natural gas pipes.  The closure will start in mid-June and is scheduled to end on 31 August.

Their notice says we “understand local residents and commuters will experience traffic delays.”  You can say that again!

2 Responses to Closing First Avenue

  1. labenge2013 says:

    That’s not too busy of a street, eh?! Can’t they just tunnel, like the Broadway Subway is supposed to do? No disruptions, don’tcha know…

  2. Ferry seagull says:

    And large flashing signs are up saying the Adanac Bridge across the 401 Freeway is closing on Monday 9 April
    (Supposedly to prevent [maze]-rat-running.
    Expect the same thing near Grandview and the Nanaimo side-streets.

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