Reason #232 NOT to use Facebook

After all the scandal and revelation over the last couple of weeks of bad governance at Facebook, I am shocked and amazed that anyone still has an account there.

I truly believe that people are mindlessly surrendering themselves to the corporation for a quick buzz and constant contact. It is sad. Sad mostly because these chickens WILL come home to roost for everyone concerned. This may all seem a little like some titanic battle over how elections are run and won (correct at one level), but it has very important aspects much closer to home to do with your personal identity, your ability to freely choose, and your possible futures.

I would have hoped that the shenanigans revealed this week would make these series of posts irrelevant.  But I haven’t seen the kind of mass move to leave FB that reasonably should have happened by now.  So, I guess, I’ll just keep count of the staggeringly large number reasons NOT to use Facebook.


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One Response to Reason #232 NOT to use Facebook

  1. A totally self-evident and necessary decision to run screaming from Facebook has likely been taken up by tens if not hundreds of millions, but we’ll never know. It should of course be billions who’ve left already.

    It’s not like the data of mass numbers of closed Facebook accounts would ever be communicated, for it might bring down “the powers that be.” We are in a thoroughly-fabricated world now, where social media is both all-controlling and entirely fictional.

    But fictional or not, it’s good and right to cast it behind us and help to block our descent into fascism and totalitarianism.

    So why did I have to log into Twitter to post this? I could have chosen WordPress, or even Facebook? Why couldn’t I simply post as me?

    They have us coming and going, so all the more reason to start tuning out.


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