Demolishing Affordability


6 Responses to Demolishing Affordability

  1. northvancityvoices says:

    Reblogged this on North Van City Voices and commented:
    Jak King, Commercial Drive blogger and activist, posted this summary that applies equally to North Vancouver. The rush to demolish existing affordable rentals and replace them with massive expensive new buildings will not provide housing for existing residents. Who are they building for?

  2. […] tight rental housing market, and the homes demolished, to be replaced by expensive townhomes. Visit the post directly, or his blog.┬áJak’s View of Vancouver […]

  3. Alex Greenfields says:

    It’s my understanding that there’s a Vancouver bylaw prohibiting conversion of rental properties to condos/strata. Is that no longer the case? At least one of the original buildings was clearly a dedicated rental property, so wouldn’t the bylaw have managed the preservation of that rental stock?

    • jakking says:

      The Rate of Change regulation is limited to certain zoning only, applies to buildings with 7 or more suites only, and applies only to “legal” suites None of which works in this case.

  4. Eleanor Gregory says:

    Heard you on the Early Edition this morning. Good analysis. Hope people pay attention.

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