The Subway To Nowhere

If you are not yet too tired of listening to the propaganda and lies being spread about the $4 billion (at least) hole in the ground to nowhere along Broadway, you could attend the next Open House about it:

It is being held at the City Lab space at 511 W. Broadway.

I have been to a couple of these already. They are very much like any developer/City Planning Open House where they steer you from one display chart to the next in an attempt to show that the decision they have already made is the right one.  City Lab is quite a small space so they do a good job of steering you in the right direction but, just like at a developer’s do, the most you will be asked  to decide is to write on a yellow sticky whether there should be red chairs or blue.

You are there to make up their numbers. At the end of  it, they will issue a report stating that x thousands of people attended these consultations, and they read xx thousands of yellow stickies. This subway is purely for the profit of the developer cronies who will build massive towers at a few spots along the route and suck up huge profits.

If you want to know the transit issues that could be better served than by a hugely expensive subway from Commercial to Arbutus, my piece on it is ageing but still more worthwhile than attending this not-quite-so-open house.


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