Public Engagement Opportunity

Go along and tell them what you think.  Here’s a couple of questions you might want to ask:

  1. As was so eloquently stated in the recent Throne Speech in Victoria: “When people can’t find an affordable home … safety and security is taken away …[and]… Businesses cannot grow when the skilled workers they need are shut out by the high cost of housing” How many of the 68 condos will be affordable (by CMHC definition) to Vancouver families earning median incomes (as defined by Stats Can) using government-regulated minimum down payments?
  2. How will you guarantee that all purchasers of the 68 condos are tax-paying Canadian residents?

I’m sure you can think of others.


2 Responses to Public Engagement Opportunity

  1. Linda Fox says:

    Hello Jak,

    Surprised to see this on your blog, but glad as well. I appreciate your knowledge and scope on so many subjects, and I like receiving them.

    This BUCCI notice is about an area in Cedar Cottage, and not Grandview Woodlands. Our hood which we call the Triangle, was added to the GWCP in 2013. The only reason was because of ‘close proximity to the Skytrain area, and the possibility of developing a ‘shopping node’ at Nanaimo. At that time it was only Broadway and the dip onto Garden Drive to E.10th. There was a ‘twin set’, as I call it, for the north and south of Broadway, though the north area has a normal grid and we have only Lakewood Drive that is a north/ south access within.

    Maybe it looks good on a planners drawing board , but in reality, they have zero clue of street layout, etc.

    I have lived here since 1975 with joy and knowing I am in a place I love. I am a ‘young ’70 year old activist as of of January, as this whole GWCP is an assault on our triangle shaped, grid and school challenged area. Hence why I am fighting back.

    We have a lot of residents protesting this assault, called the GWCP, to our single family neighbourhood. When I say single…it does not mean homes with only one family. There are many basement suites and also continuing lane ways being built, and some homes are rented. Eventually the expectation by the GWCP sees only a very small remnant of single family homes left that can be duplexed.

    Please note..we have a ravine on our south border, known as the Grandview Cut. Since January 2017, those of us who live close to the Cut have suffered sleep deprivation due to CN using this corridor as an extended rail work hard. A lot of battles for a small knitted community. We are in the process of going up against CN for operations that have never been done here.

    Residents of this Triangle are not NIMBY’S. We understand growth…though not sure for whom, without displacing current residents, as the GWCP indicates a lot of land assembly in order for their visionary Vision for the next 30 years. Those who live where possibilities are for 6 storeys would of course take a $$$ opportunity to move…however.. the riches are only if there is a land assembly. In any case , if one lives on an arterial, why not take the$$’s.

    But…6 storeys on a side street that will face potentially more 6 storeys on Broadway, and the node at Broadway and Nanaimo, and…4 storeys plus row houses in our inner streets is truly an assault.

    FYI- Everything in this Triangle, on the south side of E10th all the way down to 12th Ave was NOT in the 2013 plan. I attended meetings and the last worship of February 2015.. And the balance of my hood was still the same status…’To Be Determined’.

    We were added, without consultation with any residents since the plan inception to the public in 2013, in the final draft of June 2017. I know this for a fact. We fought to make this known less than a month before the City ‘ approved’ of that massive plan. We went to city hall and spoke. Something went sideways when everything was turned over to the Citizen’s Assembly for their last meeting in May 2015, and when the final draft was announced in June 2016. We have information from two who were on the CA, that they were prompted and pushed by developers and city planners to’ just give the City what they want’, for every time they met. This is ugly.

    RE YOUR NOTICE: This is Bucci’s 3rd open house since September and one in November. He knows there is strong local community opposition for many, many reasons. Amazing he is doing another, as he has heard strongly the protest for 6 storeys. There are deaf ears, from their part and the city, that this is too large a project…so..not sure the reason to hold another open house. We said what is more suitable ‘ for change’ is row houses or something not more than 4 storeys, as compared to 6 storeys that encompasses 5 lots and is in block style. This is more ‘acceptable’…I mean by being forced to suggest something.. But in transition to the homes left that may be duplexed. However..what we say is blocked out of hearing and vision by the city officials mainly and speculative developers. We will be told again, that we ‘just don’t like change’.

    Sorry Jak! I shall stop now. I saw your mention re our Cedar Cottage area and had to say something. The ‘affordability ‘ question has been brought up with BUCCI. I believe his response has nothing to do with what you relate to affordability. He relates to buying a single family home. But as I see in your articles, even a condo is not affordable to a huge swath of people, who have to be able to pass the income test.

    Thank you Jak. Anything you have to offer for advice is very appreciated.

    Regards, Linda Fox. .

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  2. jakking says:

    Hello Linda. I have this on my blog for three reasons. 1) it falls within the scope of the GW Community Plan (rightly or wrongly); 2) it allows people like you to have your say; 3) this project is a perfect example of how the build at any cost groups are forcing unaffordable housing on areas throughout the city.

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