The Breakfast Club

This winter we have been feeding the crows and the squirrels with peanuts.  There used to be just a couple of crows. This grew to the Gang of Five for a while and today they brought their friends!

7 Responses to The Breakfast Club

  1. Wildlife Protection Service says:

    “Did you know? Feeding birds and wildlife is against Park and City bylaws. Please help us keep our wildlife wild by allowing animals to forage for themselves.”

    Being fed by a person
    Other birds
    Call City of Vancouver

    • jakking says:

      Do you know how many bird feeders there are in Vancouver backyards. Thousands upon thousands. We wouldn’t have a third of the beautiful birds in our city if it wasn’t for them.

      • Wildlife Protection Service says:

        Your changing the subject from feeding crows and squirrels (by your hand, an illegal act) to people who put (song)bird feeders in trees.

        Do you think your readers and Bylaw Enforcement are dumb enough to fall for this?

        Your failure to obey the law is not an act that is justified by a “but others are doing something sort-of related” defense.

      • jakking says:

        I am not changing the subject and you are making wild-eyed and wrong assumptions that I am feeding by hand. Are you suggesting that the thousands of bird tables in Vancouver are illegal? If so, why are they openly for sale in any hardware and gardening store?

  2. larry says:

    Perhaps we should alert the people who pick up our garbage that they are feeding wildlife illegally by not picking up after themselves when they drop some of our refuse behind their trucks on pickup days…

    • jakking says:

      Exactly. I would also note that the excellent book “Birds of Southwestern British Columbia” says, on page 9, that feeding the birds in our backyard is “contributing to their well-being.”

    • sherryking says:

      I think this is a bit more serious than we’re letting it be, Larry. Should we think about having hardware stores raided for their bird seed supplies? Maybe mass sweeps of neighbourhoods where the feedings are taking place? Criminal records for offenders? I know, I know, it’s only birdseed. But we’ve put on a real offensive for other botanical substances. Who knows what harm we’ve done?

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