Grandview-Woodland As Part of a Resilient City

The following notice has been received from Britannia:

Vancouver is currently undertaking the development of a city resilience strategy as a member of the international 100 Resilient Cities project. This program was pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation and helps a network of cities gain access to tools, funding, technical expertise, and other resources to build resilience to face the growing environmental, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century. More information here and here.

In recognition of the crucial role that local connections and community development play in resilience (and building on the disaster support hub initiative), the City of Vancouver has partnered with four community organizations to develop neighbourhood-level resilience toolkits and action plans.  Britannia was selected to anchor the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood resilience strategy. As part of this pilot project Britannia will seek guidance from the community to develop locally-relevant resilience toolkits and resources, and a neighbourhood action plan to continue to build community resilience through sustainable grassroots leadership and an integrated neighbourhood resilience strategy.

Representation and leadership from the diversity of community members, organizations, businesses and cultural institutions that make up Grandview Woodland is essential to the success of this pilot project. Please consider joining our project steering committee to develop the first Grandview Woodland neighbourhood resilience strategy. The terms, conditions and expectations of the committee will be set by the members of the committee.


If you are interested in joining the committee, or have any questions or concerns you can contact the project coordinator directly at If you are not able to become involved at this time, but would like to receive project updates, please subscribe to our project newsletter here.


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