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January 28, 2018

GW Community Plan Open House

January 28, 2018

Yesterday I attended the Open House put on by CoV Planning Department concerning rezoning for new building types with the Community Plan. I was there around 1:00pm and the WISE Hall was packed with people. It was so busy in fact that it was difficult to get decent shots of the display boards, so I apologise in advance for their quality (selecting an image will at least get you a bigger picture).

The new zonings concern the eastern half of Grandview, and specifically Broadway, First Avenue, Hastings, and the entirety of Nanaimo from Wall to Broadway and beyond.


There are no surprises here as the approved Community Plan was clear about most of these changes. However, the display panels do give a lot more detail on FSR and similar technical matters.


The Open House will be repeated on Wednesday evening from 5:00pm to 8:00pm