Robberies (Part 2)

January 23, 2018

Since I wrote about the robberies of stores on Commercial Drive, I have received numerous emails regarding break-ins and thefts from residents in the Venables/Adanac/Salsbury/Parker area east of the Drive.

Some of these have been snatch and grabs while the resident’s back was turned, others were break-ins to garages, and thefts from back yards at night. There have also been a spate of robberies from parked cars, and at least one actual entry into a suite.  I have noticed several attempts (failed, I believe) to break into my own building.

One of the regular commenters to this blog suggested organising residents to do neighbourhood patrols at night. I look forward to him (or her) getting on with that suggestion.  In the meanwhile, as one of my correspondents reminded me, it is important to register each of these and future incidents with the police or the Community Policing Office on Commercial as this encourages the police to patrol our neighbourhood more frequently.

Image: Flower Offering

January 23, 2018