Look Out World, Reimer Will Soon Be On The Loose!

December 28, 2017

As one does at this time of year, I was poking through the articles in the “Still To Be Read” folder to see what I had missed, and I came across Charlie Smith’s hagiography of Andrea Reimer from the Straight of October 25th. It was a hard read for me because my experience of Reimer was so different, so negative.

We started off badly, back in early 2012, when I spoke before Council in opposition to the design of the Baptist Church’s proposed building at First & Victoria. In her self-proclaimed position as Councillor for Grandview, she asked me a few questions after I had had my allotted five minutes. She was arrogant, assumed I knew little of Grandview, and the tenor of her questions clearly indicated a predetermined yes vote for the development regardless of any arguments that might be presented. Things only got worse when the Grandview Woodland Community Plan process began.

A central paragraph in Smith’s column asks us to remember

“Reimer’s credibility with the environmental community, her appeal to residents living in the Commercial Drive–Trout Lake area, her stunning work ethic, and political radar that may only have been matched on council in recent years by Geoff Meggs, who’s left municipal politics.”

Problem for me was that I didn’t recognize any truth in most of those statements about her.

I wondered whether my early experience with Reimer had clouded my opinion of her, allowing me to miss the good she was doing. So I asked a number of my friends and acquaintances whether they had opinions on her years as Councillor. By the time I am writing this, more than half have responded and they are all overwhelmingly negative in their judgement.  Many described her as “manipulative,” and as “an opportunist … only interested in her own career.” None believe that she ever genuinely represented any constituency here in Grandview, and that her demeanour was often “officious” and unpleasant. I share all of those views.

When City Planning’s “Emerging Directions” document became public as a draft Community Plan in the spring of 2013 an uproar of complaint erupted from the residents of GW, most especially as “Emerging Directions” included dozens of pages on rezoning the neighbourhood that had never been raised or discussed in any of the public meetings over the previous eight months. While Mayor Robertson admitted the process had not been a good one, and Planning boss Brian Jackson considered it a disaster, Reimer was still giving interviews praising Vision’s handling of community planning.  At the massive community meeting held in early July that year to protest the Grandview Plan, Reimer came late and hid in the back of  the crowded room. When finally shamed into speaking, Reimer ignored everything residents had passionately spoken about for an hour or more, asking for understanding as she was currently being evicted (which, it later turned out, was something of a permanent status for her).

She was an instigator and heavy supporter of the benighted Citizens’ Assembly process deliberately designed to exclude the majority of Grandview’s residents from participation in a vital community project. On the several occasions that I spoke to Council during the Community Plan period, Reimer (along with Geoff Meggs) generally led the attack on me and GWAC or whoever else I was speaking for. She argued against community representation, calling local groups irrelevant and claiming them to be “unrepresentative”.

When the final Grandview Community Plan came before Council, it was Reimer who proposed a last-minute amendment that — against the professional advice of Planning — granted several extra stories to the highly controversial Boffo Tower monstrosity proposed for Commercial and Venables.

And it wasn’t only Grandview she screwed. After years of discussion and community debate, the DTES Community Plan was brought before Council for approval. It was loyal Vision foot soldier Reimer who, again at the very last hour, showed up with a lot of scribbled pages that changed substantial and substantive portions of the Plan, that no-one had a chance to digest before Vision voted it through.

My guess is she is leaving because she has worked out she would not win a knife fight against Raymond Louie to be nominated as Vision’s Mayoral candidate whenever Robertson quits; but I could be entirely wrong. She was very active during the Year of Reconciliation and she has been learning to speak Squamish. I would not be surprised, therefore, to find her working for a FN group, as a lobbyist perhaps.

Wherever she ends up I’ll be glad to see the back of her.

Night Music: Once More

December 28, 2017

Dehumanizing Employment

December 27, 2017

I first posted this wonderful 6-minute animation detailing the dehumanization of menial employment back in March. I think it deserves another look:


Thanks to Open Culture for the link.

Image: Charleston WV

December 27, 2017

Night Music: Christmas In My Soul

December 26, 2017


The late lamented Laura at her very finest.

Image: Barrels

December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2017


Happy Christmas to all our friends and family.

Especially this year to my Mum who is 90 years old today, and to our wonderful grandchildren Gemma, Dustin, Jordan, and Lewis!