Image: Barrels

December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2017


Happy Christmas to all our friends and family.

Especially this year to my Mum who is 90 years old today, and to our wonderful grandchildren Gemma, Dustin, Jordan, and Lewis!

Poem: In the Time Of The Dying

December 25, 2017

In the time of the dying of the leaves,

when summer’s solace is a memory passed,

and deepening shadows of evening cast

their pall ‘cross rich man’s roof and beggar’s eaves,

colours primary, raw, blast out a last

spectacular fanfare:  embroidered sleeves

to counterpoint the widow’s darkling weeds

shows off to the night no matter how vast

eternity approaching, no matter

no one escapes the black hole’s pull of doom,

and each lifes’ cloth will be cut from the loom,

no matter this, ‘tis only now that matters;

the now that paints the tree with red and gold,

regrets nothing, wants only to stay old.