Quick Review: Kulinarya on the Drive

December 17, 2017

At least for this week, the Kulinarya is the newest restaurant on the Drive, having had its soft opening on 6th December. It is the sister restaurant to the same-named place in Coquitlam. The ever-loving and I went there for dinner tonight.

For decades this space housed Tio Pepe’s. The new managers have cleaned the place up and given it a pleasant, if not exactly cosy, outfitting. The south wall is shiplap beneath a brick wallpaper and is quite effective. The northern wall is textured in white and grey, with colourful fabric as booth backs.  The chairs appear to be reclaimed, which works and which is good to see. It was a nice enough atmosphere but without ambience so far.

The Coquitlam branch has a very extensive menu. However, the Commercial Drive place’s offerings are significantly more limited, presumably until they get on their feet and check the market. That was a little disappointing as the everloving and I had gone on line and chosen what we were likely to order: we both had to change our minds. That’ll teach us to be moderne!

The good looking one of us had a pancit, which was very large, very tasty (she said), and good enough to bring home what could not be eaten at once. I had an Arrozo with minced beef.  I was both surprised and saddened at how little seasoning (let alone spice) had been used. It was, shall we say, bland. Still, one out of two isn’t bad.

Service was good and the price was reasonable. Another good thing — their takeout boxes are a recyclable cardboard. I hope they expand their menu and prosper on the Drive.


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December 17, 2017

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December 17, 2017