Two Days Until The Election

For reasons discussed in the previous post, I have not been as involved in the Council by-election as I wanted to be or expected to be. In fact, I have had to watch it from afar, and mostly online.  My viewpoint is therefore somewhat warped, but these are my impressions as we come down to the wire.

  • Independent/COPE candidate Jean Swanson has swamped the social media channels that I follow. From my Twitter feed, you would barely think that anyone else was running;
  • OneCity’s Judy Graves wins the email challenge; they have sent me five or six emails full of information. I have received one from the NPA, and nothing from anyone else;
  • In Grandview, at least, Pete Fry of the Greens is winning the lawn sign battle. Reports from all-candidates’ meetings also score him highly.

Had I not bothered to read reports from meetings (or read Watermelon‘s posters on her shop window), I probably would not know anything about the other candidates.

I am still supporting Pete Fry because I have worked with him on civic issues over the years and trust his opinions, and I know Adriane Carr will welcome his support in what has been her lonely battles against the Vision behemoth.  However, I do wish the Greens had been a bit noisier in their  campaigning.

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