Thanks To BC’s Great Medical Folks

Regular readers may have noticed that I have not been writing much original material in the last few weeks. I apologize for that for anyone who may have missed my usual bon mots.  The fact is I have been really rather unwell since the beginning of September and have had neither the energy nor the inclination to write.

Without going into the unpleasant details (definitely unpleasant for me to remember!), suffice it to say that I was suffering severe pain for the entire month of September and the beginning of October, and required the assistance of EMS once plus three other trips to Emergency. As I went through it all, I had used the services of my GP, Respiratory Therapists, endocrinologists, urologists, Kidney Specialists, emergency doctors and nurses, and all their  ancillary staff.  At the end, I was still undergoing my experimental COPD treatments and so also engaged the services of surgeons, IV specialists, anaesthesiologists, cardiologists, and all the rest.  It was, perhaps, the worst five weeks of my life, medically speaking.

But the point of me writing this is to say that without exception, I was treated with enormous skill and devotion, with humour and courtesy wherever possible, by every single member of the BC medical fraternity that I dealt with. I tried my best to be a good patient but the level of pain sometimes made that difficult but never was I scolded or given anything but the greatest respect. In the end, they figured out what needed to be done and they did it.

And because this is the civilised world and not the USA, no-one ever asked me for money.

I also have to thank the ever-loving who was there every day for me, keeping me going, and some good friends who were willing to whisk me off to emergency when I needed it.

Now, I hope, normal service will be resumed!

One Response to Thanks To BC’s Great Medical Folks

  1. Sea says:

    Well done for getting through all that. Reminds me of the sunburn incident many years ago.

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