Changes On the Drive #74

October 1, 2017

Today was a gorgeous morning, bright and cool; just perfect for my first real exercise in a month.

The building at 2211 has had a For Sale sign showing for three months now, though Universal Technologies is still chugging along.

The construction work on the eastside of the 2000-block seems close to completion. Four separate storefronts can now be clearly discerned, along with a second storey running the full length.

At 2058, the “For Lease” sign has gone, and the Bon Bon Laundry is still operating.

The renovation of 1928 Commercial has been completed in record time. It is now open as Ollie Quinn, optometrist. They also advertize itself as a “community workspace” though I don’t really know what that means at this point.


The former Waves coffee shop at 1858 has had a new white paint job on the exterior. However, the windows are still papered over and so what this is going to become is still a mystery to me. An equal mystery is why the Babylon Tea Shop at 1740 is till “Opening Soon” when it appears to have been ready for two months. Odd that.

I have seen a lot of work going on in both the former Roma Restaurant, and the Libra Room, though both are still closed at this point.  [Update:  I am advised that Libra Room is actually open]. However, after an 8 month closure, the Charlatan at 1447 had its soft re-opening yesterday and seemed ready and eager for business this morning as I strolled by.

The Havana Restaurant/Theatre/Art Gallery complex at 1224 Commercial with its ever-popular patio is in the process of being sold to a Vancouver company that owns Belgard Kitchen, Postmark Brewing, and Vancouver Urban Winery. It is not expected that many changes will be made once the ownership agreement is completed in November.

The new REACH Medical and Dental construction at 1117 is almost complete. There is some hope that it will re-open by the end of October.

The next ten days will see the final demise of Bosa Grocery on Commercial Drive. Their rebuilt store on Victoria officially opens next Friday. They have already started allowing the inventory on the Drive to be depleted and the manager expects it to be empty perhaps three or four days after the new place opens. He mentioned that the biggest problem they had with being on the Drive was parking availability. He has no idea what might go into the space although he did mention that a group of physiotherapists had shown some interest. He was concerned for the future of Joe’s Grill next door as they will lose the foot traffic that Bosa has attracted.

Finally, there is an unconfirmed rumour that Robin’s Pharmacy at 908 Commercial is either sold or looking for a buyer.


Closures and vacancies on Commercial this month include: 2283 (4 months), 2285 (4 months), 1858 (7 months), 1801 (9 months), 1740 (12 months), 1735 (5 months), the former Strawberry Bakery in Il Mercato (33 months), 1606 (14 months), 1500 (11 months), 1303 (12 months), 1268 (2 months), 1108 (41 months), and 902 (29 months).

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October 1, 2017

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October 1, 2017