Image: City Walk In Fall

September 15, 2017

Major Road Disruption at Commercial & Broadway

September 15, 2017

Upgrades to the Commercial Skytrain station will start to impact drivers and bus users starting today, according to a report in the Province.

The installation of a new overhead walkway across Broadway will involve a massive crane sitting in the road, blocking a sidewalk and some traffic lanes. The #9 and #99 buses will have temporary stops other than in their usual places from today until October 1st.

“The weekend of Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 is when drivers will really feel the pain. Broadway will be closed completely so that a crane can be erected in the middle of the road. The two cranes will move the largest piece of the walkway, which weighs 13,600 kilograms, into place over the road.  “It’s a pretty significant disruption, obviously, to Broadway as we do that, but it’s necessary to make that lift take place,” said Matt Edwards, manager of engineering project delivery. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area while detours are in effect.”


Reason #229 NOT To Use Facebook

September 15, 2017

Companies and organisations that want to advertise on Facebook can apparently choose to target their ads to a wide variety of demographics. That sounds like a useful tool. However, as the Guardian reports:

“Facebook has allowed advertising to target users interested in the topics of “Jew hater” and “How to burn Jews”, according to an investigation that adds to mounting criticisms of the way the company allows and profits from unethical ads. ProPublica, an investigative news organization, reported on Thursday that the social network’s self-service ad-buying system allowed people to direct advertisements to nearly 2,300 users interested in several explicitly antisemitic subjects, including a category labeled “History of ‘why Jews ruin the world’”.”

During the previous week, it was revealed that:

“a group that appeared to be based in Russia had spent $100,000 on ads [on Facebook] promoting political messages in a two-year period. The ads had spread divisive views on topics such as immigration, race and LGBT rights … A recent report in the Daily Beast suggested that Russian operatives used Facebook’s events tool to organize and promote political protests and anti-immigrant rallies while hiding behind false identities.”

It seems that, until they are found out and shamed, Facebook will sell anything to anyone provided it makes money for them; and ethics be damned.


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Twenty One Years And Counting

September 15, 2017

Yet another year without cigarettes. Twenty-one years today, wow.

It might seem tedious to keep harping on this year after year, but frankly I think giving up smoking after 35 years of slavery to the habit was the smartest and bravest thing I ever did. And I know for a dead certainty that I would not be here writing this today if I had continued smoking the way I did.  So I’ll keep celebrating my freedom, year after year!

And this year is even more special as I have joined a very select few having the chance to clean up their COPD with an experimental treatment that involves scrubbing the lungs, under general anaesthetic, with liquid nitrogen. I had the first of three treatments 10 days ago and already feel my breathing is somewhat easier. By the beginning of November I will have had all three procedures and then we will see. I have high hopes. And it makes those 21 years of denial all the more worthwhile.