Brief Review: Dixie’s BBQ

I don’t do reviews for restaurants outside the Drive, but this one was worth the exception.

For some while now, the ever-loving has been complaining about the fact that she cannot get genuine southern hot links in Vancouver, and she misses them. I hate seeing her go without and so my fingers did the Google walk and I found out that Dixie’s BBQ serves the beasts. We went there today for brunch.

It is definitely odd to find a Texas bar on East Hastings slap in the middle of DTES. But there it is, all decked out like a Pecos diner-ranchhouse. Barbecue is in their name and Texas barbecue is what they serve, along with their own mighty fine BBQ sauce and, of course, as much hot sauce as you can manage. Water is served in mason jars and paper towels are mandatory.

My gal had a hot link with potato salad and corn bread, along with generous portions off my plate of Texas Breakfast — spicy sausage, eggs, brisket baked beans, tater tots, toast and peach marmalade — served up in tin plates. It was all remarkably fine and we waddled home as full as ticks. Service was great and the price was about normal for brunch.

They have been open about a year and a half and I hope they last a lot longer because I will surely be returning for more.


2 Responses to Brief Review: Dixie’s BBQ

  1. David Carman says:

    Dang … I keep meaning to try this place out, Jak. You’ve convinced me to get off my keyster and do it.

  2. sherryking says:

    So glad you liked it, Jak! Next time I’d have the jalapeno hot link, but that’s just the nature of me and hot links! They make their own, so there’s no sourcing to be done. I’m still in the market for an OTC product! The “generous” two bites of beans I had from your plate were very good. Substantially packed with smoked meat and good flavours. I hadn’t had a Tater Tot since the 1980’s, so that was a treat, too. Thanks for the day out!

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