Blowing Smoke

Man, I am sick of this filthy air!   Because of breathing issues, the smoke and associated particulates have held me essentially housebound for a week. I missed the Dykes on the Drive for the first time ever, and the Powell Street Festival; it is maddening.

We usually have a beautiful view of the North Shore mountains to wake up to every day, but it is as if they have simply disappeared. When I got up in the middle of last night, I could see a few twinkling lights on the mountain and I went back to bed hopeful that the skies would be clear in the morning. But no, just another day of gloom.

Bring on the Fall!


8 Responses to Blowing Smoke

  1. sherryking says:

    Spirits up, Bubby! Only about 16 weeks until winter!

  2. George B says:

    Am I the only one that finds something wrong with exploding so many fireworks during a severe air quality warning.
    From my home in Mount Pleasant North I can see the flashes, hear some and eventually smell and taste the residue.
    Greenest City?

  3. You should come to Kelowna, when you go home you would think your air is crytal clear.

  4. Candia says:

    I suffered today as gardeners start burning damp leaves and polluting the air with grey smoke. I could not go out and the smell entered my home, in spite of windows being closed and air filters being activated. No doubt I will have asthma overnight. Wake up, people, to particulates and lung damage!

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