Night Music: Lucky Man

August 4, 2017

One of the finest concerts I ever attended was an ELP gig in Manchester in abut 1973.  Those were the trippy days! The last half of this song is what stereo headphones were made for.


Broadway & Commercial, Again

August 4, 2017

For the last two months I have written quite a bit about plans to develop the Safeway site at Broadway & Commercial.  There are any number of issues with the proposed series of high rise towers and they will be dealt with in due course.  However, what has particularly engaged the local residents is the placement of the large public plaza that the City-approved Grandview Community Plan includes at the site.

The site owners and developers want to remove the public plaza from their land south of Broadway and position it north of Broadway across the Grandview Cut.  You can follow the discussion here, here, and here. Residents’ statements and survey results from the meetings showed a wide majority of opinion against changing the location of the plaza.  It was a surprise, therefore, for a local activist recently to see developer’s drawings still showing the plaza over the Cut, and she wrote to the City wondering whether there is “any point at all to these ‘public consultations’ if the plans are already in the works and going to go ahead no matter what the feedback is from residents?”

Kent Munro of City Planning replied as follows, noting that the developers have not yet made a formal proposal:

“Based on what we heard, and consistent with some of your perspective, city staff have a number of concerns with what this landowner is contemplating for this important site.  Further, City staff have made these concerns known to the landowners and we have informed them that we will not be accepting any application for redevelopment of the site until a proposal that is more consistent with what the Community Plan policies outlined is put forward. If and when an application for development or rezoning is formally received by the city, the typical review process which includes comprehensive notification and consultation with the neighbours would be initiated. [emphasis added]”

That sounds good but, as the activist points out, Munro’s use of the term “more consistent with” is not necessarily the same as “consistent with” the approved Plan. We still need to keep a watchful eye as this progresses.