My Position on Density in Grandview

July 9, 2017

I am sick and tired of people like Ken Paquette, shill for the Boffo Tower group, and the Abundant Housing people lying about my position on density on my neighbourhood.  Their intellectual integrity is shot all to hell when they simply make things up for their own profit.

I am going to be very clear here so that even small-minded bigots can understand. These positions are my own and do not pretend to represent anyone or any group outside of myself.

  • I both understand and agree with the need for additional density in Grandview.
  • I believe that a doubling, or even more, of density can be achieved certainly without towers, and actually without any building above four storeys;
  • Lot owners currently with SFH or duplexes should be allowed and encouraged (by a reduction in the City’s expensive development procedures) to have three housing units on each lot. This would generally be two suites in the main house and a laneway or similar building.
  • Lot owners of two- or three-storey apartments buildings should be encouraged and even incentivized to add another storey. This is significantly cheaper as land costs are eliminated. Obviously this will not work for some buildings but it would work (as explained to me by professional engineers) for many.
  • No new building above four storeys should be allowed.  Given the increased density allowed by the above, towers would only be required to feed the profits of the developers and, of course, their shills.

The massive increases in density allowed under these proposals mean that Grandview can double in population size while retaining the beautiful human scale residential areas and streetscapes that we have.

Let me repeat, these proposals are mine alone. I do not profess to speak for others.  But those who claim I stand for anything else are nothing but mucky liars.


Car Free Day!

July 9, 2017

Today was Car Free Day on the Drive, and I spent all afternoon crewing the Grandview Heritage Group’s booth. Thank goodness it was a bit cooler today, and with a very pleasant breeze throughout.

It it always encouraging to see how many people are interested in our local history and heritage, and it makes the work involved thoroughly worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted!

Image: And The Trees Danced

July 9, 2017