Dinner Tonight #25

July 7, 2017

Pork vegetables, and peanut butter stew.  A favourite for many decades, originally by James Barber.

Reminder: Car Free Day

July 7, 2017

Sunday is Car Free Day on Commercial Drive. It runs from noon until about 7:00pm and the streets will be filled with booths and food and tens of thousands of people. It is my favourite festival on the Drive, feeling somehow a whole lot less corporate than Italian Day has become.

I will be helping to crew the Grandview Heritage Group booth which will be outside Bosa Foods at the corner of Parker.  We will have a lot of interesting material to display, including mystery objects from the past, maps showing the development of Grandview in the early days, images of period interiors, and access to the Grandview Database to look up the history, perhaps, of your house.

Come on by for a chat. I look forward to seeing many of you at some point during the day.

Image: Bold Colour #2

July 7, 2017