The BC Liberals’ Last Week In Power

On Thursday 22nd June, the newly elected and re-elected MLAs will gather in Victoria for the Queen’s Speech, formally opening the next session of the Legislature. So this is the week we will see the losers (oops, I mean the Socred/Harper Tory/BC Liberals) do whatever they can to frustrate the will of the British Columbia electorate by holding on to power for an extra day or an extra week or whatever they can finagle through their control of the rules and their crooked imagination.

In the end, it will all be for nought and they will find themselves in opposition sooner or later; but not before they have sucked even more money out of the benighted taxpayer and done whatever they can to hinder and obstruct the legitimate government of the Province. It will be excellent if the NDP/Green coalition can find some procedural way of shortening this expensive, anti-democratic, and almost criminal behaviour but, within a week at most, Clark will be out on her ear and the clean up of their gross mess will be able to begin.

Once the gravy train disappears, I suspect it will not be long before a number of Socreds (some very high profile) will decide they can do better in private life and quit parliament. Victories in these by-elections will rapidly fill out the slim majority of the coalition and secure their four-year term. In the meantime, a coalition Speaker will ensure that progressive legislation gets passed whenever votes are tied, and Socred votes against highly popular bills (on LNG, Kinder Morgan, MSP premiums, education budgets, campaign financing, Residential Tenancy Act reforms, and the like) will be duly noted and stored for use against them in the next general election.

This will be a week to remember, and I ‘m looking forward to it.


2 Responses to The BC Liberals’ Last Week In Power

  1. Scotty on Denman says:

    The BCLs have used these weeks past to play games, the objective of which is to retain power for as long as possible, first as the minority the voters elected—-during which they’ve hauled in over a million bucks in donations under the still-existing ‘wild-west’ rules that’ve benefitted them for 16 years—and then as a new majority they aim to win back as soon as possible.

    The BCLs have been ruminating out loud about another election. How do we know they’re angling for one ASAP, one they hope to win? Simple: we know it because Christy said she’d be happy to serve as opposition leader, her disingenuous reputation preceding her.

    Until the Governor decides what to do—no, a non-confidence vote doesn’t seal it perfunctorily—citizens should be ready for the possibility that the LG will call another election instead of allowing the GDP to test confidence themselves. Although she may entertain a number of rickety reasons, bolstered by the uniqueness of the situation, for doing just that (she doesn’t have to divulge her reasoning anyway), a quick return to the polls, despite voters’ distaste for such, is still the best the BCLs can hope for.

    Personally, I think the BCLs would fare even worse if another election’s called quickly—perhaps all the more so because the post-election Green-NDP alliance wouldn’t be given a chance to govern with the parliament extant—but the prospect of losing the power to block investigation into their administration, something they’ve assiduously worked at for years, is so threatening, the moribund and proven corrupt government is in a desperate situation because revelations affected by a new government might be so damning as to preclude the BCLs from ever winning another election again; that’s why they’re forced to seek another election even in such unfavourable circumstances.

    I also think the BCLs’ corporate masters would prefer Christy retire as leader, but are stuck with her in the circumstance. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to her position if the LG does allow the GDP to govern: it’ll be the only opportunity for the BCLs to elect a new leader before an election that could quite easily come sooner than later.

  2. jakking says:

    I understand your point about the LG, but I just cannot see her creating an unnecessary crisis (or the added expense of another election).

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