Hirado Sushi — A Small Review

June 17, 2017

On Commercial Drive between Venables and Broadway there are roughly 100 restaurants or food joints. Fourteen of these are in the 1400-block, which makes that small strip more like a food court than anything else.

We went there for lunch today, hoping to try out the new Filipino-Pan-Asian Bao Down but that, oddly for 12:45 on a busy Saturday, was closed. However, there were thirteen other places to choose from within a hundred yards, and we settled on Hirado Sushi which I hadn’t been to before.

Hirado, like several neighbours on either side if it, is a tiny little space, full of industry and bright smells. You can probably seat fourteen for dinner, but only if they are very close relatives or friends. But they do really well with the space they have, and the friendly service makes it welcoming.

Like most sushi places, they have a huge menu full of the usual selections. To get a range of stuff to try, we both had bento boxes, mine with prawn teriyaki and the everloving’s with chicken. The miso soup was just  touch salty but, to be honest, that was the only complaint we could have had. The prawns and rice with mixed vegetables, the four good sized pieces of tempura, the tuna and salmon nigiri, and the crunchy crisp salad were as good as any I’ve eaten for a long while.

This probably isn’t the place you’d take a first date you were trying to impress, but for a satisfying quick meal at a very reasonable price, the Hirado is well worth the visit.


Image: Paella

June 17, 2017