The Grandview Database

The Grandview Heritage Group has today published the June 2017 update to their Grandview Database. This now includes, amongst much else, the entire collection of 1911 households as enumerated in the Canada Census of that year (or at least as many as are still readable in the records).

The database is designed to provide a history of every house and household in the core of Grandview, including the nearly 2,000 that have been demolished and/or replaced over time.  It is published in pdf format allowing readers to perform easy searches on addresses, family names, businesses and, indeed, on any text component. The amount of material still to be entered is immense and the database is continually updated and published at the beginning of every month.

If you have a household or a historical connection in Grandview (in the area within the bounds of Clark, Hastings, Nanaimo, and Broadway) take a look at the database and see what we have found for your house.  We eagerly encourage corrections, additions, and suggestions.


One Response to The Grandview Database

  1. dbarkley2014 says:

    Jak, this is absolutely fabulous and is so useful in our discussions with the City regarding the character zoning that is being proposed. Thanks to you we have a database of what actually exists.

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