The GW Community Plan Drones On

This afternoon, I went to the CoV Planning Open House regarding a proposed change to zoning in the core of Grandview; a change that is designed to increase density while maintaining the look and feel and livability of the central area of our neighbourhood.

I was there about 1:00pm and there were perhaps three dozen residents milling around, looking at the display boards that were set around the WISE Hall. Others kept arriving in the time I was there.  The display boards seemed to be better at communicating than some we have seen, and there seemed to be sufficient City staff available to answer questions.

The purpose of the Open House was to explain the changes being proposed for the central area of Grandview. These are changes that differ from those in the Community Plan and also differ from the proposals suggested last November.  One of the major changes is that this proposed rezoning now takes into account the City’s Character Homes Review protocol.   The following two images are, I believe, the key to the changes (select the images for a larger view).


I was pleased to see very detailed boards discussing the various procedures to be followed depending if a house is character or non-character, and whether or not the owner wants to demolish or expand the current property.  All of the boards are available to view at

I’ll need some time to think about the new proposals, but I was pleased with the comprehensive nature of the displays today.


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