Hospitals’ Lottery Tax

The BC Women’s Hospital, a wonderful institution that does work I applaud wholeheartedly, is currently conducting its annual fundraising campaign through CTV News and perhaps other avenues. We are told that our donations in this prize-giving lottery will buy equipment urgently required by the Hospital.

The question I have is this: if the equipment really is urgently required, why isn’t the Provincial government paying for it through the taxes it collects from everyone?  Why is the Hospital reliant on volunteer donors for this material?

We either have a public health system paid by us all or we don’t.

Am I missing something?


3 Responses to Hospitals’ Lottery Tax

  1. Melanee Henderson says:

    were you sitting my living room as I thought the very same thing…

  2. labenge2013 says:

    Same as public schools and all the fundraising parents are asked to do.

  3. Ferry seagull says:

    And the hospital charity lotteries are not very efficient as noted by CharityIntelligence Canada in their report.
    46 page pdf summarized on the above web page

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