Review: Sweet Greek

In the last Changes on The Drive I mentioned that the old Kingdom Beauty supply depot at 2227 Commercial had been given a new coat of bright yellow paint and was being renovated.  The new business is now open and is called Sweet Greek. I went there today to welcome them to the Drive and to try them out.

This is a Greek-based cafe with all the usual menu items and more,  but the first thing to notice is just how friendly are the couple who run it. They have only been open a couple of days and they are clearly wanting to encourage business, but the warmth to me and the others who followed me seemed genuine and I appreciate that.

All of the food is made on the premises and the pastries looked delicious. It was lunchtime so I had the daily special which proved to be a really good leek soup and a well-heated ham and cheese roll.  The coffee was just as good, too.

This is a huge space; much more than they appear to need right now. There are currently just a couple of chairs along one side of the serving bar, a shelf-table with stools along the Drive window, and four small tables along the north wall.  If they get popular, they have plenty enough space to put in more tables and chairs — and I hope they will need them.


4 Responses to Review: Sweet Greek

  1. fortsinc says:

    this place is awesome! they just started making real greek frappes!

  2. Popped in there this evening after a stop at Donald’s Market. Great spot, good food and really nice people.

  3. Come by the cafe and you will see that they DID NEED more tables and chairs to accommodate their steadily increasing popularity

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