Night Music: David Gilmour Sings Shakespeare

March 10, 2017

The Dumbest Idea In The World

March 10, 2017

Close-up of a clock showing the words "Time For Change". Shallow depth of field.

Tomorrow night is that ridiculous twice-annual nonsense of changing the clocks — something we are obliged to do just so the powers-that-be can see us scramble to do something completely inane and stupid and pointless just because we have been told to do so. It is the one time of year when living in Saskatchewan makes perfect sense. When they make me God, there will be no more of this malarkey, believe you me!

This idiocy also shows that I am barely connected to the Internet of Things. The computers, the telephone, and the TV cable box all have the times switched automatically by central systems. But my coffee maker, stove, bedside clock, the battery clock on the wall, and even my swanky Bose radio all have to be re-set manually.

Who has time for all this?

Why Supply Is Clearly NOT The Problem

March 10, 2017

Early last year I wrote a piece about how the City of Vancouver is approving about twice the number of housing units that we need to manage our population growth.  Now we have the latest population statistics from Stats Can and we can check my arguments against reality.

Between 2011 and 2015, the City of Vancouver population grew by 27,984 people.

Even today, with all the sociological changes in the way we live, most of us still do not live alone (who can afford it?) — we live in households, traditional or otherwise. Households here average a little over 2 people. That means that we grew by approximately 13,000 households. This figure represents the genuine need for new housing.

According to the CoV’s own figures, we approved 25,341 housing units in that same period — or about twice the number we actually needed to meet the growth in households. The development industry has tried to tell us that household size has fallen and so the need is greater. However, the Census figures do not agree with them.

These latest figures confirm that we are building for greed not need, and may go some way to explaining why we have 25,000 vacant properties in the city.