The Rot Is Deep in Vancouver

Allan Garr of the Courier has a very worthwhile piece this week concerning the ongoing clean up at City Hall of the mess Penny Ballem’s reign left behind.  In Garr’s opinion, Ballem deserves the blame — both directly and indirectly through her senior hires — for untold administrative errors, delays, and costs aplenty.

I cannot disagree with Garr on any point. However he doesn’t complete the story; nor does he even hint that a bigger story lies behind the one he told so well.

The fact that so many of the development, planning, and other decisions in the Ballem years happened to fall in favour of Vision Vancouver’s financiers and masters cannot be just a coincidence. We are the least affordable city in North America by design. Ballem faithfully executed the game plan she was brought in to manage — and we live with the consequences today.

But Penny Ballem didn’t appear out of thin air. If she has to accept responsibility for the failures of the Jacksons and Latifs, then the Billionaire Boy’s Club affiliate known as Vision Vancouver has to take the rap for Ballem’s disasters; they hired her. She was either following the script given her by Magee and Robertson and their cronies, or they were incompetent in continuing to allow her to move forward so disastrously for so long.

Ballem was very well paid for the job she was doing, and she was even better paid to go away. Now we need to excavate the deeper dirt beneath her policies and actions.


One Response to The Rot Is Deep in Vancouver

  1. George B says:

    I agree that Mr. Garr is bang-on with his column as are you.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the ongoing saga of Vision Vancouver and the COV trying to impose a new Joint Operating Agreement on Vancouver’s volunteer run Community Centre Associations while utilizing Vision Vancouver’s hand-picked managers at the Vancouver Park Board as the hammer is another leftover of her legacy.
    As Vision Vancouver and the COV continue their disastrous path of social re-engineering Vancouver in their Vision no matter the negative consequences even the most basic of services have been cut back.

    This past BC Family Day every branch of the Vancouver Public Library was closed except one, the Carnegie Centre.

    Under the collective leadership of Vision/COV/VPB nearly every Olympics related project went millions if not tens of millions over budget and far too many continue to lose money yet somehow Vision has money for a fake island in False Creek, create a habitat for beavers to move in, feed them and even supply veterinary service. Add in love-locks, $ 450,000 designer grandstands, 20 million plus Point Grey Rd closure and defacto gated community, 55 million and counting for buying the Arbutus Corridor and on and on yet libraries are closed on a Family Day holiday due to funding shortages?

    According to the reply I received from the COV the 2017 World Aboriginal Basketball Tournament is being held a UBC and not Vancouver because neither the COV or the VPB have any venue that can accommodate this important event.
    Just another fall-out from the 2010 Winter Olympics, the lack of neighborhood recreational facilities, along with closed libraries, etc etc.

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