Anti-Vaccination: An Old Story

I was doing my usual research this morning when I came upon the following ad:


This was published in the Vancouver Daily World on 15th February 1911. While I was aware there had been some objections ever since Jenner poked a little kid with cow-pox back in the 18th century, I didn’t know the opposition had been so organised until relatively recently.

While I am here, I might as well have my say on this topic. I have three points to make:

One, I personally think it is madness not to have vaccinations. It can easily be shown how many millions (billions?) of lives have been saved or improved because of them, and to compare that favourably with the infinitely tiny number of cases where vaccines may have caused some issues;

Two, as an anarchist I believe everyone has the right to refuse vaccinations for themselves and their non-adult children;

Three, any school or other public place should have the right to prohibit entry to anyone who has not been vaccinated for the safety of everyone else using the space.

That’s my opinion and it is worth at least two cents.



One Response to Anti-Vaccination: An Old Story

  1. DGar says:

    Great policy simple and clear.

    Would never survive in todays political correct me first culture. You are discriminating against me because of my religion, cultural heritage, ethnic background (fill in the blank) and I have the right to do what I want go where I want. Others who disagree have no rights.

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