Censorship is Censorship. Period.

I am deeply disturbed by the attacks on free speech aimed at Milo Yiannopolous, especially the outrageous situation at Berkeley (given its Free Speech history.)

Let’s be clear: I hate Milo Y’s ideas and I would be happy if he and all his followers dropped dead tomorrow. Personally I would never waste any time going anywhere to listen to him or his ilk speak and I certainly would not spend money on his upcoming book.

But if I have the power to shut down someone’s speech because I find it disturbing or dangerous, that guarantees that at some other time someone will have the power to shut down what I say for the same reason.

Suppression of ideas is a key component of fascism.  None of us can be free to express ourselves unless everyone has the right to express themselves whatever they want to say.

Anything else is self-serving and hypocritical.


2 Responses to Censorship is Censorship. Period.

  1. dbarkley2014 says:

    I don’t disagree with you Jak, however not knowing the details of the booking, ie. when he booked it and what the political situation was at the time, I would suggest that the administration, or whoever approved the booking (as I gather this was on MY’s cross-country tour), seriously underestimated the sensitivity and hostility to his ideas on campus in light of the recent presidential actions.

  2. jakking says:

    If we ban ideas — any ideas — because they might be received in a hostile way, that opens the door to Bannon and Trump banning a whole lot of stuff we would not care to lose.

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