Robertson the Job Killer

January 28, 2017

robertsonFor reasons that remain obscure, this morning I found myself reading Mayor Gregor Robertson’s “2016 Year In Review” statement.  After holding my breath as I read his praise of his own government’s performance last year, and then reading it again, I noticed that jobs and employment are completely absent from  the statement other than a throwaway line in the last but one paragraph.

This put me in mind of news I learned the other day from a very senior figure in the BC retail marijuana industry. He told me that more than 200 employees had been laid off recently by dispensaries in Vancouver as they try to cope with the City’s vicious and hypocritical $1,000 a day cash grab from each business.

That’s 200 families without employment, some without hope perhaps, simply so Gregor and his buddies can line the pockets of their cronies with ever more no-competition bids. And we still have two more years of this BS to live through.


Happy Lunar New Year!

January 28, 2017


Carnage on Adanac

January 27, 2017



Just to prove how tough life can be on the Adanac bike route, here is a leg I found on the street this afternoon.  Hope the bike was OK.

Image: Blue Yellow Red

January 27, 2017

Blue Yellow Red

Night Music: Last Tango on 16th Street

January 26, 2017

Dinner Tonight #13

January 25, 2017


Rotini alla puttanesca with a Caesar-dressed salad,

Image: Family Portrait

January 25, 2017

Family Portrait