Over-Engineering A Non-Problem

This afternoon I walked over to the WISE Hall to see what the City Engineers want to do to the Victoria and Adanac intersection to make it “safer” and “more comfortable” for all users — Adanac being an official bike route.

There were half a dozen keen and eager City workers, five or six display boards, and four civilians, including me.

I thought the display boards were very informative, describing in some detail the work they wanted to do at various intersections on the route from downtown to east of Nanaimo Street.However, I don’t know the circumstances at most of those, and so it is difficult for me to comment.

With regard to the Adanac and Victoria intersection, just half a block from where I live, I have a much clearer picture and it seems to me that the heavy work proposed — traffic median, changes to right of way turns, parking changes — are a major intervention to solve a minor problem.  Yes, a marked crosswalk would be a useful addition, but I rarely see any major issues at that corner. At Salsbury and Adanac we don’t even need that.

I spoke with an acquaintance at the meeting and she said much the same about plans at Lakewood near where she lives.

The questionnaire handed out at the meeting was informative and allowed the chance to discuss each individual part of the suggested changes. They were much better than questionnaires previously encountered.  Still, this was simply a better managed example of a top-down, what do you think of our ideas session rather than a true dialogue about concepts.

2 Responses to Over-Engineering A Non-Problem

  1. PO in MP says:

    Exact same for 10th ave bike lane. When I asked city say they are open to suggestions. I asked why don’t you change the traffic blocking on Prince Edward. Response they can’t, to which I responded then its a done deal to which the city said no its not. So a done deal is not a done deal even when they will not make changes. Sounds like every Vision Vancouver initiative.

  2. A Drive flaneur says:

    And they don’t consider the dangers they are creating by putting everyone on Adanac/Union.
    Hawkes and Union is a real danger to pedestrians and to fellow cyclists from the ‘flash’ bikes hurtling through the park strip.
    Down from ‘Adanac Mountain’ the super speedway endangers anyone crossing from Woodland park.
    I suggested that they spread the traffic every three or four streets alongside Adanac. But no, once the paper engineers have drawn their line that is it.
    I avoid much of the Adanac bike lane misadventure in my routing.

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