Night Music: A Rainy Night In Soho

January 14, 2017

I just love the Pogues!

This Used To Be A Great Place

January 14, 2017

What a despicable week this has been for politics in British Columbia and Vancouver.

In the Provincial arena, BC has been called the slush fund capital of the world by the New York Times.  The ultra-far-right Socreds with their BC Liberals masks firmly attached are now known throughout the world for their refusal to control election spending, for their handouts to donors, and for allowing the potential for corruption to stink up Victoria. (There will be much more to say on this as the election approaches).

Locally, the NPA and their far-right buddies tried hard to rid us of homelessness by forcing the poorest citizens to sleep out in the snow. I guess if enough of them die we no longer have a homeless problem. The NPA’s cockamamie claims that they needed to protect the public and Community Centre staff is outright hogwash. If we find a needle in a park do we close that park and keep people away?  No, of course not. If we find a needle outside a hospital, do we kick all the patients out?  No we don’t. We have procedures and plans to deal with that issue.

Instead of being “caught by surprise” by the City’s decision to use civic facilities to save peoples’ lives, the CC managers should have been thinking ahead, putting in place proper protocols in advance, and actively volunteering to use their centres for humanitarian assistance.  Lack of proper training? That’s entirely the fault of the managers. But apparently, little Johnny’s swimming lesson is more important than some old roadie’s life.

The fact that this vicious anti-personnel campaign failed only by a single vote is mind-boggling.

I am also disgusted that not every church has been opened up during this freezing weather. They live a tax-free life, get away with conning the superstitious, but lock their doors at night to keep the poor out. I recognise there are some wonderful churches and ministries that do great work in this area. However, any and every church that fails to help needs to lose their tax-free status and start paying their way.

This used to be such a marvellous place to live. Now I wake up each morning and wonder what disgraceful business I’ll read about next.