R.I.P. Nat Hentoff

January 7, 2017



One of the important figures of our age, jazz critic and fierce defender of an absolutist First Amendment, columnist Nat Hentoff has died at 91.

The world is much less without him.

The Future Of Commercial Drive

January 7, 2017

Next Monday, the regular monthly meeting of the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) will include a presentation from the Commercial Drive BIA.

They will revive their Vision for the Drive developed in 2014 and subsequently rejected (by being ignored) by City Planners (in Emerging Directions), by those concerned with history and heritage, and by the Citizens’ Assembly final report and recommendations. ¬†They will, I am informed, show how this plan “now fits with the Community Plan” of 2016. That should make for an interesting meeting.

For those who don’t recall the first time the BIA came to GWAC with this plan, here is a link to my post of March 2013.

The meeting is in the Learning Resource Centre under Britannia Library and starts at 7:00pm. I hope to be there but this current bout of sickness still has me housebound, so we’ll see.

Image: Turban #2

January 7, 2017

turban II