What Canada Should Do For Its Birthday.

This year, Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday. The Federal Government has announced that they will spend $500 million (half a billion!) on parties and similar festivities. I think that is disgraceful, especially as there is a better way.

We have tens of thousands of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people living in decrepit housing. Many of their communities lack potable water and proper sanitation. We cannot solve these problems with just half a billion dollars, but we can and must make a start on fixing them and we should use the “birthday money” to help.

Whatever the half billion can do will be good; what will be better, though, will be the feeling this will generate that we are taking these problems seriously and are willing, as a nation, to work on solving them rather than entertaining ourselves with self-congratulatory parties and fireworks that will be forgotten in a year. If, on July 1st, we can say that this money has been committed and work begun, then that will be worth celebrating.


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