Changes On the Drive #65

January 1, 2017

When I left the house first thing this morning, the sunshine was welcome but it was a brisk and challenging environment I walked into. It seems that very few of the Drive’s building owners understand their responsibility to clear the sidewalks. It was treacherous underfoot from one end to the other today and I sincerely thank those merchants that did take the effort to shovel away the ice.

Down at the southern end, Kingdom Beauty at 2277 Commercial still has a large For Lease sign in the window. However, the space at 2245, after being vacant for more than 2 years, is now a Cashmart store. There are several of these legitimized loan sharks on the Drive now and I am not sure that is a good sign. Like Christy Clark’s house deposit scheme, they do nothing but add debt and help create a generation of debt slaves.


Across the street, at 2240, the “Leased” sign has been replaced with posters about an operation called 77K Freeze that is taking over the space. To be frank, the Help Wanted ad read more like joining a cult than running a dessert store, but what do I know?



The former convenience store at 2064 Commercial is still vacant (2 months), as is the former tanning salon at 1740 (3 months).


Back in May last year we reported the rumours that Wonderbucks is closing due to a reasonable unwillingness to pay an unreasonable monthly rent.  Now it is confirmed, both in the media and in signs at the store.



It will be a very sad day when the store closes its doors.  That space, from the Crystal Dairy days through to Wonderbucks, has been important to the community; we can only hope something interesting and Drive-friendly moves in.

Catz hair salon at 1735 Commercial announced last month that they would be moving. It is now revealed that they are moving to the former Sophie’s at 1280, opposite Grandview Park.



The former cupcake emporium at 1706 Commercial is still vacant (1 month). However, the storefront is apparently to be taken by a Bubble Tea+Lifestyle operation.

In Il Mercato, the former Strawberry Bakery space is still vacant (24 months).  Across the street, both the Libra Room at 1608 (5 months) and the Roma at Grant (2 months) are still closed with no re-opening in sight. On the other hand, Mexcaleria at 1622 has made it into Scout’s Top 25 Restaurants in the City this season.

Above the Libra Room, in the apartments, someone has left a sign in the window expressing some thoughts for the day:



1370 Commercial is still vacant (2 months), but we are awaiting the opening of a bagel shop in the space come February.

1303 (3 months), 1104 Commercial (32 months) and 1704 Charles (6 months) are still vacant. So too is 1280 Commercial (9 months) but, as mentioned above, this is where Catz Hair will be moving in February.

Choices finally seem to have completed their expansion into 1035.



Nonna’s Sandwich place at 952 Commercial is still closed (4 months) but, with some of the paper having fallen from the windows, one can see that the whole place is still set up. I wonder if they will come back?

Finally, 902 Commercial is still vacant after 20 months with the expansion of Robin’s Pharmacy as stuck as ever it seems.


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January 1, 2017


Driving Right-eously

January 1, 2017

Today is the 95th anniversary of the change in British Columbia from driving on the left side of the road to driving on the right.  I think quite a lot of Vancouver drivers are still learning about this.



Vancouver World 1922 Jan 3, p.1

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017