A Model Christmas on The Drive!

One of the sadnesses I felt when the Peg Antiques closed was about the fact that their delightful Christmas window display of a busy model village would no longer be available to us. So you can imagine my pleasure this afternoon when I saw that it was all set up in the window of Da Vinci Travel!

Unfortunately, this was one of the few occasions when I didn’t have my camera with me. But it is worth seeing and getting a misty-eyed nostalgia for simpler times.


2 Responses to A Model Christmas on The Drive!

  1. There were never any “simpler times”! I see that stupid expression everywhere, and now that I have lived through 70 years, I can say that the past decades which people have tagged as “simpler” were in fact no simpler than the present. Do you think cave people lived in simpler times? Was the Roman Empire simple to live in? Or the Middle Ages? Or the pioneer days, or was the invasion of white people simple for the natives? In the seventies, people said the fifties were simpler. The other day, I read that the seventies were simple. Was last year simpler, when Peg Antiques had its window? This has got to stop!

    • jakking says:

      I am also close enough to 70 to spit at, and I certainly remember simpler satisfying times. I enjoy today too. If you don’t like an expression, don’t use it. Attempting to suppress its use by others is nothing but censorship of a sickenly patronising kind. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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