Night Music: Woolly Bully

December 12, 2016

Sometimes we were just silly, and having a lot of fun.

Pop quiz:  Who now remembers the meaning of “L-seven” in the second verse?

“Hatty told Matty: ‘Let’s don’t take no chance.

Let’s not be L-seven, come and learn to dance’.”


Poem: Fireside

December 12, 2016


The tension seemed to fuse

his spine to his neck

and he found he couldn’t move,

bracing himself for the words he knew

must emerge

from the smudge-faced fireman.

His brain felt hollow,

as if all the matter had been extracted

to make space

for the cascade of new information,

fragmentary and wounding as it would be

at first,

that he anticipated momentarily.


“Your wife, sir.”



Even as he answered, he recoiled with imminent horror;

and even as he recoiled

he hoped – inanely – that his reaction

would not form part of his

permanent record.


“Your wife, sir,

said to tell you,

she’s at her mothers.”


He wondered if he’d ever move

his neck again.