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December 1, 2016


Changes On the Drive #64

December 1, 2016

When I left the house this morning, I was sure there was snow in the air, and it really felt like December. However, after a great breakfast at Skylight, and a decent walk down the Drive, it had improved to a regular fall day. Very pleasant.

Starting as usual at the south end of my range, Kingdom Beauty Supplies is operating at 2277 Commercial, but still with a very large “For Lease” sign in the window.  2245 is still vacant (26 months), as is 2240 (16 months), but the latter storefront continues to sport a “Leased” sign.

Today is the one year anniversary party for Cabrito at 2270 Commercial. They will be having a party later today.

What used to be Dr. Chan’s dental office at 2085 is now Dr. Dhir’s East Van Dental. The place looks as if it has been cleaned up and refurbished.



Across the street at 2064, the Rub-a-Dub Convenience Store seems to have bitten the dust, the store windows papered over.



At 1850 Commercial, the Blue Copper Capital Corporation’s pay-day loan office is now open.

Across the street, the building that houses the Salonika Restaurant seems to be having some serious work done on its roof. Not sure of the details.



The former Solaris tanning salon at 1740 Commercial is still vacant (2 months). Over the road, Catz Hair Salon at 1735 has announced they will be moving to somewhere else on the Drive in February next year.



Another move is apparently underway at Cassia Cupcakery. They have closed their shop at 1706 Commercial, and the notice on the door says they will eventually be moving to 1706 E. 1st.



The Libra Room at 1608 Commercial is still closed after 4 months. The closure is now “until further notice” according their website. It used to say “until end of October.”

One of the joys of the Drive at this time of year is the smell of the fresh Christmas trees at Home Hardware. Both my eyes and my nose noticed with pleasure they were back this morning.

The Roma on the corner of Grant is closed, papered over. They had a major issue with sewage backup according to a chap I spoke to their a week or so ago. It ruined their floor and much else. The contractor didn’t think the re-opening would be soon.

1412 Commercial is still vacant or at least the Pagoda is papered over (4 months), and 1303 is still vacant (2 months). So too is 1370 now that Bikes on the Drive have moved to East Hastings (1 month).



1303 (2 months), 1280 (8 months), and 1104 Commercial (31 months), along with 1704 Charles (5 months) are all still vacant.  With regard to the old Urban Empire store at 1104 Commercial, I am advised that somebody wanted to rent it but the agent has not returned calls for two months. Wonder what’s going on there?

The Heritage designation for the old Florida building at 1102 has been approved. That means the apartment development in the back lot should begin soon.

Choices seems finally to have been moving quickly to get their expansion into 1035 underway. I saw shopfitters putting in new racks and equipment this morning.  The Choices banner now shows across the entire space. 1035 has been vacant for 19 months.

Across the Drive, there is better news. At 1044, Rabbit and Empee have decided to accept a new lease and are staying, which is very welcome.

Finally, at the northern end, Nonna’s at 952 is still closed (3 months) and 902 is still vacant (19 months).


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Image: Library Exterior #1

December 1, 2016

library exterior I


December 1, 2016