Just Having Fun

December 31, 2016

It is snowing unexpectedly hard right now, and I am watching the white stuff accumulate rapidly.


I look out onto the lane, where four rooks are flying around in tight circles. It hard to imagine they are doing anything but just having fun, flying through the snow. Wonderful.

Image: Pier In Foggy Red

December 31, 2016

pier in foggy red

Night Music: A Case of You

December 30, 2016

Wise Words

December 30, 2016



What I gathered after five years of Latin prep.

Image: Kansas Sunset

December 29, 2016

Canvas2_Kansas Sunset

Night Music: I Want To See You

December 28, 2016

Image: 54 Stories of Old Ireland

December 27, 2016

54 stories of Old Ireland_small