Happy Birthday Eric!

November 23, 2016

We celebrated the birthday of a good friend and neighbour today. Thirteen of us showed up at Fet’s on the Drive and they did us proud.

The birthday boy, Eric, is a stalwart and active volunteer for the Grandview Heritage Group, the Grandview Garden Club, Britannia Neighbours, GWAC, and the No Tower campaign. He also is very involved in an old car club. Most of all, he is a dependable, kind, and loyal neighbour and friend. It is amazing how he fits it all in! The rest of us around the table have worked with or known Eric for some years now and have come to rely on his amiable temperament, his mechanical genius, and his good advice.

Our community would be sadly lacking without him.



Image: Standing Stones

November 23, 2016

Standing Stones, ancient and modern_small