Night Music: Lightin’ Strikes

November 4, 2016

Snacks Tonight #3

November 4, 2016


Ever since I was a wee little Cockney kid, I have adored pork pies of all kinds: pressed pork, loose pork, with or without an egg, Melton Mowbrayed, Northern pies with hot jelly. I like the lot of them. I can only imagine their lack of popularity around the world is due to a desire by the Brits to keep them to themselves. Even here — in BRITISH Columbia — we have to travel across the city to specialist importers to buy the real things.

It never occurred to me to actually make the things myself. Well, not until yesterday anyway. Wandering around YouTube, I tripped over this recipe and method for a Northern-style pork pie and couldn’t wait! (I did season the pork quite a bit more than Keef suggests).

Not bad, I’d say. I enjoyed working with the hot water pastry — new for me. I could take more care with the look of the lids, but taste-wise the pastry and filling were great.

[select image for an even closer look!]


Reconciliation in Action

November 4, 2016

The GWAC Monthly Meeting on Monday (7:00pm in the Learning Resources Centre beneath Britannia Library) is on Reconciliation in Action and will introduce a Collective Impact Place-Based Strategy by Our Place and Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement (ALIVE).

Our Place is a collaboration of residents, community organizations, local businesses & community leaders in Vancouver.   Their/our vision is for the East Side to be a place where all children and families can thrive.

Success in life depends on a good start and research shows that children  who start behind, stay behind. Our Place is committed to ensuring that Urban Indigenous Children will succeed in school & in life.

More than any single influence on a  child or community, it is the confluence of all the enabling forces that truly fosters healthier kids & serves as a catalyst for positive community empowerment.

Come to learn more about the program and how GW residents can partner and support this program.”