Changes On The Drive #63

I did the walk yesterday morning, in the pouring rain. I looked at the forecast ad decided that one day was going to be as wet as the next so might ad well get it over and done. It wasn’t so bad, I guess.

Starting as usual in the far south of our range, 2240 is still vacant (15 months) and still with the LEASED sign showing.  However, after 25 months vacant, it seems that 2245 will soon be another pay loan operation.

The marijuana dispensary at 2137 Commercial now has a Change of Use Development Permit application on its window. I guess they are one of the ones moving forward under the new regulations.


1850 Commercial, which used to be the MoGo store, is again to be a pay day loan storefront after 8 months vacant.


The former Solaris sun tanning store is still vacant (1 month) though being used this week as a pop-up fireworks outlet.

In Il Mercato, the old Strawberry Bakery space is still vacant (22 months), but the space on Commercial Drive has been taken by a cell phone company.


Across the street, the Libra Room at 1608 Commercial is still shuttered (3 months), as is 1412 (3 months), 1303 (1 month), 1280 (7 months), 1104 (31 months), 952 (2 months), and 902 (18 months); and the former Perogie Store at 1704 Charles (4 months).

1035 Commercial is still vacant (18 months) but Choices doesn’t seem to have made a lot of progress with its expansion.

Finally. Rabbit & Empee is closing their store at 1044 Commercial today.




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3 Responses to Changes On The Drive #63

  1. dbarkley2014 says:

    I am sad to see Rabit & Empee go, and sad to see the many long standing vacant spaces continue empty (especially the Libra Room) as well as the pay day loan shops come in.

  2. a drive flaneur says:

    Bikes on the Drive 1350 Commercial moved out on 30 Oct. I was shocked to see their truck double parked , and the racks and shelves being packed away.
    Their web page [ ] says “Last Chance x Moving sale but no new address.
    Decades of Walter’s Bikes, (noted in your book) and a short time for Bikes on the Drive. They had a year long branch at SFU village, and on West Broadway.

    Is the increase in Payday Loans stores a sign of the Apocalypse?

    Bikes on the Drive used to be he Van City Credit union, Roma Cafe was built as a TD Bank branch. Bank of Montreal is now the excellent Persia Foods Market chain.
    The CIBC bank at First and Commercial almost made it to 100 years, when it was closed, the nice community team dispersed and the branch moved to to the atrocious Broadway at Commercial location.
    Only the King of the Jingle, the Royal Bank remains with the newly reconfigured-to-be-unfriendly-to-humans Vancity across the First Avenue ‘freeway”

  3. jakking says:

    Thanks for the shout out about Bikes on the Drive — I completely missed that.

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