Art Making This Sunday

Local artist Stan Mishkin will be holding a workshop called “Creative Expression & Art Making” in the Rink Mezzanine Room at Britannia, on Sunday 16th October, from 1-4pm. It is, I believe, primarily for children and no previous experience is required. The fee is $10 per participant which should be paid in advance at the Britannia Info Centre, and all materials will be supplied by the facilitator.

To quote the artist’s handout:

“This is a workshop in 5 parts, beginning with a brief introduction and allotment of materials and a short discussion on the principles of art.  Participants will listen to 4 different pieces of music. After each piece they will visually interpret their feelings experienced by drawing abstractly, with immediacy onto paper. Upon completion of the 4 pieces the facilitator will introduce the participants to the fundamentals of art through a brief talk and demonstration of techniques. Using their 4 drawings as reference material, participants will combine the different ideas into a single large drawing that utilizes fundamental techniques to create an abstract composition.”

I have been acquainted with Stan and his work for almost twenty years; he is a fine painter. This sounds like fun and a dry and productive use of what looks like being a stormy Sunday afternoon. Check it out!


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