Historical Mystery Solved!

For about five years now I have been trying to track down the history of the first short-lived Methodist Church in Grandview. I knew of its existence from fleeting references but, for various reasons (including the building of the Commercial Drive Diversion which threw off addresses, and year-after-year inaccuracies in early City Directories), I had a hard time tracking down any details.

It didn’t help that even local Church authorities seemed unaware of the little church’s brief life (1904-1909), and that the location it stood in had been vacant since at least 1910.

This summer I made the search one of my priorities and I have now managed to put together a short piece on the Grandview Heritage website that clears up the questions I had.  If you have some interest in our community’s early history, I hope it will be of value.


One Response to Historical Mystery Solved!

  1. ericfromferic says:

    Thanks, Jak – great research.



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